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At JAMA Auto, pre-owned cars are just as important as new ones. They undergo rigorous inspections so we ensure that we're putting out the highest quality used car on the lot for you. Choose from the widest selection of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz and BMW 's in Los Angeles . You should drive away in your pre-owned vehicle and feel as if it were new. We won't sell you anything second rate and our 30 years of service is evidence that we take pride in serving you. Enjoy great warranties and great service even after your warranty period. Pre-owned vehicles are a great way to buy an economical luxury car.

You can also get your car serviced or detailed after you've purchased a pre-owned luxury car. Why should we treat you differently than if you bought a new car? Get great service from the staff and drive away in your pre-owned luxury vehicle today.

Come out to find your dream car today or check out our inventory.


We realize that you have lots of choices when buying an automobile and our desire is to ensure you have the best car buying experience.

We consider customer satisfaction to be our highest priority.

Throughout each of our departments, the emphasis is always on putting our customers' needs first.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. Everything we do is designed to make your car buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service all add up to create a simple and painless way to purchase a world class automobile at a great price.

Please visit us and see for yourself how different your total ownership experience can be!

We have been in business in the same location for 30 years...
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Customer Testimonials

Awesome Customer Service 

I bought my Mercedes one year ago from Jody at Jama. I told Jody what I needed and he found the perfect car for me. The fair price, ease of doing business, and after sales service are the best I have experienced from any car dealership. I plan to buy a second car from Jama soon. Thanks, Jody, for your professionalism and awesome customer service. Jama gets all of my future car business!

Steve Klenk
Redondo Beach, CA

The Best By Far
I have purchased three Mercedes Benz from Jama within the last decade; Why? Because they have the best cars at the best prices. The customer attention that they offer is from the heart, not a dollar stand point. I LOVE all of my vehicles. S320, S500 and ML430. The service center is superior to any that I have ever used in the past. They are honest, and fair. Bless them all.
Anthony L. Williams
Los Angeles, CA

You Go Jama!!!!
If ever there was a hard person to please, it would be me when it comes to car salesmen. I must say, I won't ever go back to another over priced car dealer now that I have Jama to thank. 
I brought a BMW 328i two years ago and it still is in tip top shape. Last week, I drag my mother in and traded her Lexus RX300 for a Mercedes ML320. With navigation I might add. 
Who would have thought owning a nice car could be so easy? 
Thanks Jody. More people are coming your way. (wink/smile)

530i BMW
Well I am back and I have moved up to a 5 series BMW and I love it! Especially knowing I got the best deal in town. I love the no hassle no pressure sales. I am still referring JAMA to all of my friends. Thanks again Jody 
One real happy Tiger ;)
Redondo Beach

328i BMW
I purchased my BMW a year ago and I had a wonderful experience from JAMA Auto house Team. I have not had any problems with my car or services I have received form JAMA, I have recommended lots of friends without hesitation and will return with confidence for my next car. Thanks Guys 
One Happy Tiger
Tiger Watson
Redondo Beach

I have purchased 3 autos from Jama Auto House. First my Ford Mustang convertible, A BMW 325i, and a Land Rover Discovery. I highly recommend Jama Auto House. Their cars are extremely clean, well maintained, with low miles. I am looking at buying my fourth car from Jama due to the excellent service I received from Jody at Jama. Thanks again Jama.

No Pressure...what a relief...
Dennis and the crew were great! I had a pleasant experience when My girlfriend and I came to Jama to purchase her BMW. I felt as if we were a VIP and Dennis did not pressure us at all! Thanks again for your expertise and also getting me financed when most dealers said no.
Robert Jones
Torrance, California

Better than Excellent
To Lars, Jody, and all the JAMA personal,  
Several months ago I purchased a Mercedes S320 from your company. I am one hundred percent satisfied with my car, and the service given to me. I have found that the name "JAMA Auto House Dealership of Excellence", is an understatement. Your company is better than excellent. You have treated me and my family with the utmost respect, and the service you provided, is of the highest quality and very reasonably priced. I feel that your staff are truly professionals. If ever I need to purchase another automobile, I would not hesitate to buy from you again. In fact, if any member of my family were to consider purchasing another automobile, I would highly recommend them to your establishment. 
Edward E. Kolakowski Jr.

Integrity Sales
Jody sold us our first Mercedes and from start to finish he maintained his professionalism by exceding our expectations of "Integrity", as a used car dealer. We traveled over 90 miles for his specialized knowledge, deals and overall service. Thank you, Jody. 
Best of times in the future.
Rocco & Janie Norton
Santa Barbara, Calif.

My new BMW 740i
Jody - Thank you so much for your honest approach to car sales - it made the 45 minutes - that's right 45 minutes from first conversation to purchase - a real pleasure. When we took delivery last night, we were truly confident that we had made the right choice from the right dealer! A pleasure to do business with you.
Suzanne Casey and Hilton Smack
Santa Ana, CA.

Wonderful Service
Dear Jody,  
I can't thank you enough for the wonderful service I receive at Jama Auto House. No matter what the problem, (always self inflicted) you and your staff make it as easy as possible for me and my car is fixed quickly and professionally. 
I purchased my Mercedes from you over a year and a half ago and it has been a dream car. My money has never been better spent. Not only did I get a wonderful car, but I got the fantastic customer service that goes along with it. 
I am a devoted Jama customer from here on in. 
Thank you for everything. 
Heidi Maerker
El Segundo

Happy Customers
We purchased our Lexus SUV from Jody in January. Our SUV has been a GREAT vehicle for us. We have logged over 17K trouble free miles. The customer service is the best we have experienced. We recentely had our brakes done at Jama's Service Department. The work was quality work for a very reasonable price. Jama Auto takes care of their customers. We will definitely purchase again from Jama.
Debra and Frank
Contact us at (310) 318-1639

I have owned many “interesting” used cars over the years and in more then a few cases suffered “buyers remorse” after just a few weeks usually from feeling I overpaid for what I got. My experience with Jama buying my first Mercedes and a SL500 at that has been nothing but great from the very start. Jody assured me that I would love the car and that it was in perfect condition and with my usual skepticism I purchased it. I have waited nearly a year and 5000 miles to see if this proved wrong to write my review. I can say with full enthusiasm that this perfect running car has been nothing put a pure joy to own. Thank you Jody and Lars for putting me into an outstanding automobile at an affordable price and providing reasonable maintenance costs to keep this baby humming. I’m still smiling every time I slide behind the wheel.

Jon Wallenius

San Pedro, CA
2004 Mercedes-Benz SL500

I bought my Mercedes one year ago from Jody at Jama. I told Jody what I needed and he found the perfect car for me. The fair price, ease of doing business, and after sales service are the best I have experienced from any car dealership. I plan to buy a second car from Jama soon. Thanks, Jody, for your professionalism and awesome customer service. Jama gets all of my future car business!

Steve Klenk

Redondo Beach, CA